Tuesday, May 30, 2006

new rule

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You are not allowed to wear your bluetooth phone earpiece and have a big conference call while I am in the next urinal trying to piss quietly.

Friday, May 26, 2006

...now you don't.

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According to new research invisibilty may be possible.

Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


For some reason I started thinking about all of the concerts I've been to, so I though I'd make a list. I've seen some pretty good shows along with a few embarrassments.

This list will be incomplete for 2 reasons, first off I'm not dead and second because I remember remembering more shows. This list does not include the hundreds and hundreds of club shows I've seen.

Anyway, here you go and make your own.

The Ramones
Judas Priest
Def Leppard
The Who
Billy Squire
Steel Breeze
The Pretenders
The Alarm
Thompson Twins
The Go-Gos
A Flock of Seagulls
The Police
Joe "King" Carrasco
Talk Talk
Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Jason and the Nashville Scorchers
The Romantics
The Hooters
The Pixies
The Psychedelic Furs
The Clash
Bob Dylan
Wire Train
Soul Asylum
Screaming Trees
Albert Collins
Spin Doctors
Sheila E.
Dez Dickerson
Billy Idol
Wendy O. Williams
Foo Fighters
Eric Johnson

Friday, May 19, 2006

Bid or buy now?

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So I found this on ebay the other day.

It's the same model of chorus I had a billion years ago in the 80s. I really liked the sound of that thing. It was lush and very organic sounding, not cold and processed like most that I've tried lately. The only thing bad about it is that it was pretty damn noisy. When you weren't playing it would make a soft woosh as it swept through it's cycle.

The guy had it on a 1 day auction, but I'm not even supposed to be on ebay at work so I put it off until later. So of course I got home late and missed the auction. I messaged the guy letting him know that I'm still interested with no answer so it looks like I just have to keep my eyes open and buy now.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Can you dumb it down a little more, please?

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I was able to get a copy of iWeb from a guy at work today.

Now before you get all "PIRATE!!!" on me, I'm actually just trying it out before I buy. I just can't afford to shell out 7 Hamiltons just to test drive one part of Apple's iLife. I"M NOT A HILTON!!! If the program works then it's off to the Apple Store to get it for real.

So after installing iWeb I made clicky clicky and fired it up. It seems easy enough and the templates look really slick, but for stuff like this I tend to need an idiots manual.

Ironic that I can figure out tv systems that cost over $100,000 in no time but simple apps like iWeb cause me probs.

Friday, May 12, 2006

My new puzzle

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So this is my pedalboard all ready to go. Almost.

I made all of the patch cable to length to fit between certain boxes. A great idea in practice except when one has a short and you pull them all to test them, then you try to remember which went where. I know what order the effects chain, but I can't find the proper cables to fit.


UPDATE: Solved.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Oh yeah!

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I am so getting this on DVD!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm not absent, just real tardy.

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So, I haven't posted on the blog in a long time. *blushes at the attention*

There really aren't any reasons why... yeah okay, that's a lie. Actually there're a couple of reasons but they have to do with meat life. Nothing bad, just reasons.

The biggest reason is that I have a habit of losing track of time when I'm on the net. It starts out innocently enough; check the 3 email accounts I use for various purposes, check a couple of forums, am I watching something on ebay?, I need to catch up on the regular blog reads, OH CRAP I FORGOT TO BID!!!, hey a link to a video... and so on until I blink my eyes and realize the evening has disappeared and the day is almost done. It's not anything like an internet addiction, I just get lost.

So I laid out one rule: all the internet I can handle for 10 minutes a day. It doesn't have to be 10 minutes in a row, just in total. Seems harsh, but there you go.

Usually I check my main email quickly, then head over to teh AAFs, then I... time's up.

On the whole the experience has been pretty cool. I've been playing guitar everyday, some days I get an hour of practice in before I feel I need to spare the neighbors. I also have been looking at the sky with a scope like this one (I got it by selling a beat-to-crap pick-up that wouldn't run), but the best part is just hanging out with the fam.

But the real reason is that the past month or so has been pretty hectic. 2 weeks ago was Fiesta in San Antonio, our time to celebrate something or another, drink beer and eat food on a stick. My station broadcasts 2 parades with over 200 entries each and yours truly gets to produce said parades. The past couple of years were pretty easy and this one was shaping up the same way until one of the guys in my department decided to quit to become a... wait for it... a border agent. He willingly chose to leave the bright lights of television to watch Mexican Nationals walk across a bridge. So that left me and the blogged about "Bob" with 50% more work. Yea! We've made do well enough with a lot of late hours and weekend work but the leaver couldn't have picked a worse time to leave. Thankfully our boss has made a hire that'll be in town on the 15th-ish.

So really I have nothing but life to blame for getting in the way of me and my precious, precious interweb.

I'll try not to let it happen again. ;)