Thursday, May 31, 2007

We got it, you're the President. Now can you quit fucking us over?

This should surprise me, but it doesn't.

Georgie Anne Geyer: A spreading terror | Dallas Morning News:
"Friends of his from Texas were shocked recently to find him nearly wild-eyed, thumping himself on the chest three times while he repeated 'I am the president!' He also made it clear he was setting Iraq up so his successor could not get out of 'our country's destiny.'"

This scares me for a couple of reasons.

If you have to tell people that you are in charge, then you aren't in charge. That's not how power works. It's like telling people how cool you are; if you are, you don't.

But the part that really bothers me is that he has chosen our destiny and we will be forced to follow it no matter what. What if "We the people" want out of this destiny? I thought we kind of showed that we wanted a change, did you not get the memo?

This newest revalation begs the question: have we ever had a president removed for being crazier than a shithouse rat?

I truly believe that our president dillusional and needs to be removed. But what can we do? Are there protocols for this? Is there a manual in the Whitehouse that plans for this sort of thing?

To be honest though, I don't beleive that he'll leave office after the next election. I think he'll break in his new, self granted emergency dictator powers and it'll take a coup to remove the madman from office.

Friday, May 25, 2007

New Moleskine!

This evening after dinner we went to Borders.

I love going to the bookstore. I always get a buzz off of it. It's not like I've had time to read lately, I just wanted a new book.

Books have weight. Books matter. So even if I'm ignoring a book, at least I'm ignoring something great (hopefully).

On this ocassion though, I wasn't really looking for a book but a new Moleskine.

I love my Moleskine, it is my blank slate, my confidant, my one indulgence. I carry it everywhere and scribble throughout the day. Sometimes notes, sometimes lyric ideas, but lateley I've ebeen sketching. Just simple sketches of the things that surround me. My clock, a speaker, the head light on a truck are in my mole.

But the paper rips easy. So... the sketchbook.

I think I'll still use my personal mole for roughing out ideas, but the new mole will get the finals drafts.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 Political Action: Stop Price Gouging


Story breakdown: while you are paying record prices for fuel, oil comapnies are growing fatter with record profits.

So what can you do?

Click on over to Political Action:
Stop Price Gouging
, fill in a couple of blanks and let your government know what you want done.

Enough is enough!

A bill in the House would make gasoline price gouging a federal crime, and it could pass this week!

Can you help be sure it does?

What do you have to lose?

Thanks to Richard for the head's up.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Putting it all into perspective

Sometimes its hard to really know what numbers mean.

Quantities in small numbers are easy. Everybody can imagine the amount in a six pack. Even a baker's doezen isn't hard, but how about a gross? Can you really imagine what a gross of anything looks like?

No, me either.

So a round of thanks needs to go to Chris Jordan. He was kind enough to put a few numbers into perspective for us.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

So maybe I still have a chance for FCKBSH. Hmmm...

Good news.

Heather Moriah gets to keep her South Dakota license plates the read "MPEACHW". This is pretty damn cool. I really expected that they'd show up at her house and pry the plates off her car.

Two things bother me though.

I wonder why they changed their minds and I wonder how long it'll take before some good old boy shoots her windows out?

Monday, May 07, 2007

36 0D C2 EC 52 86 1E EC 05 39 66 B6 2D 35 E1 0B

Thanks to Freedom to Tinker I now have my own 128-bit integer! And if I catch anybody using it I'm gonna sue ur azzez!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about click here.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


7 letters.

That's all it took to cause touble for Heather Moriah.

The letters in question are "MPEACHW" which are located on her personalized South Dakota license plates. The trouble is that after a single complaint the SD DMV want her plates back. DMVs typically have a list of offensive letter and number combinations that they won't allow to appear on plates but they're usually more offensive in nature. Things like "3M TA3" and "N05H1T" are on the red list and get refused right away, but since "MPEACHW" is a little harder to decode for anyone below a 2nd grade reading level it got through the system.

Here's where things get sticky: South Dakota wants the plates back, Heather wants to keep her plates. Heather says that her plates should be protected under freedom of speech. South Dakota thinks that the plates are offensive and that since the plates are owned by the state, they think that some may see some sort of state endorsement of her views.

Here's the best part, if Heather doesn't return them willingly the state will be forced to send law enforcement to get the plates from her.

See? Trouble.

Here's how I see it. Since the state issues and own the plates they can at any time revoke the license to the plates and ask for their return. IMO Heather should just return the plates and get the free replacements that South Dakota is offering.

Now before you get all mad and question my beliefs, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY SUPPORT THE MESSAGE, but the medium is wrong. Allowing her to have "MPEACHW" on her plates does in fact imply some sort of state endorsment. However, if she were to have the same plate in Vermont then all'd be cool.

The biggest problem I have with the whole story is that some fucking prig without a life even bothered to called and complained to the south Dakota DMV in the first place.

that person needs to be shot.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I said what?

Don't you hate when somebody uses your own words against you? I try not to be put in that position, but sometimes it happens, especially if you have a teenager.

Think Progress was able to dig up this nugget from the June 5, 1999 Scripps Howard/Seattle Post-Intelligencer where then Texas Governor George W. Bush said:
I think it’s also important for the president to lay out a timetable as to how long they will be involved and when they will be withdrawn.

I'm sorry, what?


Now, if only someone in big media could grow some balls and call him on it. What could he say? He'd hem and haw but he would know that he'd been stuck.

What's scares me with this guy is that he's going OJ on us. He really believes the shit he's feeding us.

And so it appears do a good majority of the forces fighting in Iraq.

Zogby International published the findings of a poll conducted with Le Moyne College’s Center for Peace and Global Studies and the findings are troubling.

Almost 90% of the troops polled believe they are in Iraq because of Saddam's hand in 9/11. That's right, even though we know who planned and committed 9/11 they beleive Saddam is to blame. I wonder where they're getting this info from. Are they being told this in the feild?

Again, this is something that big media should be looking into, but they're too busy collecting Murrow Awards.