Monday, July 09, 2007

So, I finally did it...

So I finally got the Epiphone '56 Gold Top Reissue last week.

Initial likes: everything.

Initial dislikes: nothing.

So far this guitar is a winner. The action was seriously screwed up with a major back bow. All kinds notes were fretting out all over the fretboard. Adjusting the truss rod a couple of times and taking the action back down at the bridge turned it in to a real joy to play.

It doesn't play like a $499 guitar, it really feel and sounds like it should cost at least triple.

In my exctiement though, I forgot to order the case!

Going up?

Yeah, so I'm on vacation this week and we'll be spending time in Dallas this week as my wife attends a national convention for romance authors.

So what does this mean? It means that she'll be hanging out with her writer pals and spending most of her waking hours going to meeting and such.

That leaves the boy and I to fend for ourselves; which isn't a bad thing. Instead of being stuck in an estrogen palace we'll be looking at guitars. Dallas is a big guitar town and we plan to hit every music store we can find. This isn't a buying expedition but really more of a sight seeing tour, just looking at big game and dreaming.

While we're in the hotel I plan on trying this hack:

How To Hack An Elevator - Watch more free videos

I remember the first time I learned about elevator's secret presses about 12 years ago at our main library. The combo to get to the basement was "2-B-2-B-2". The way I remembered it was by singing the doo-be-doo-be-doo part in "Strangers in the Night".